Create value with effective management and sustainable collaboration

Dreaming of growing your business? A better working environment? A greater sense of overview?

An obstacle to this can often be a lack of effective management and sustainable collaboration between your employees. Cosmos Evolution offers an emotional coaching programme for you as a manager or employee. The programme works on behaviour, mindset and emotions – your employees gain concrete communication tools, and you gain the ability to create value-based leadership!

Want to make better decisions as a leader? Do you want to make your employees work together more effectively? Contact Cosmos Evolution to learn more and get an intro session!


Get organizational development through emotional and value-based self-leadership

Effective leadership is critical to the success of any organization. There can be many reasons why your management is not working optimally. As a leader, you may recognize some of these:
  • You have difficulty communicating effectively
  • You have difficulty making decisions
  • You have difficulty introducing change
  • You have difficulty motivating employees
  • You have difficulty managing conflict
  • You have difficulty managing your emotions
  • You find it difficult to balance your private and professional life

What Cosmos Evolution can offer is to teach you how to use your emotional intelligence to lead yourself, think positively, bring value to your leadership of others and be passionate about your choices and decisions. Through a coaching programme with Cosmos Evolution, you will receive:

  • Change management – tools to create the processes of a new leadership culture
  • The ability to see the whole picture in your choices and decisions
  • Training to see into and turn your weaknesses into strengths
  • Learning about awareness and bridging the gap between your emotions and your intelligence
  • Values-based leadership – how to bring values into your business
  • Better overview – through insight into seeing the whole of the organization in processes
  • Ability to assist individual and collective learning
  • Better balance between family life and everyday life as a manager

“The point is to bring value into the company because therein lies the energy for the strategy. On what values does your company build? Is it money or quality of life? Often I find we can get both in with the right focus”

Dorte Joy Juul

A coaching programme in Organisational Development through Emotional and Values-Based Self-Management rarely looks the same. It is always tailored to your and your organization’s needs.


Gain communication tools for sustainable collaboration

Leadership is not the only crucial aspect of a company’s success and growth. Employee well-being and the way they communicate are also important areas. Consistent, sustainable collaboration throughout the organization is often lacking. But why is this? What is the reason why communication sometimes fails? Or that cooperation between departments doesn’t work? It may be because:

  • Lack of communication tools
  • Lack of well-being among employees
  • A poor physical or mental working environment

There are always different issues in a company that make communication and cooperation not work optimally. With a coaching programme at Cosmos Evolution, you can solve these problems through:

Individual learning:
  • Turning your weaknesses into your strengths
  • How to become aware of your behaviour?
  • How do behaviour and awareness affect our cooperation?
  • How do behavior and awareness affect our choices and decisions?
  • Learning about communication skills
  • Learning about changing your mindset
Shared learning:
  • We are each other’s well-being and work environment to achieve common goals
  • We are each other’s calm and balance
  • We are each other’s learning processes
  • How do we create holistic unity together?

I implement tools for resources and competencies in communication skills to benefit training in cognitive team development in corporate collaboration. Only together can you make the impossible possible. You are each other’s learning process for personal awareness because you are each other’s collaboration and well-being.”

Dorte Joy Juul

Everyone in the organization needs to press the reset button in order to realize a new and shared mindset that builds on both the company’s values, personal strengths and shared learning processes. The programme can also help create a better health mentality in the company. It can therefore be an effective programme if you want to reduce sick days in your company or if you want to create a better and more productive working environment.


Cosmos Evolution has helped many managers, employees and companies

In any business, challenges can arise. Communication and behaviour can be particularly challenging. Our coaching programmes have helped many people to realize better collaboration or to achieve a sustainable management style.

Example 1 – The aggressive CEO:

“A director told me that he easily blew up when problems arose or if he felt pressured, tired and exhausted. This created a bad working environment and also made him angry and upset. It didn’t benefit anyone, quite the opposite. Some people often changed jobs because of the aggression that sometimes arose. I told him – here, you react with your emotions. Whereupon I said that emotional intelligence is the first link in your consciousness to become aware of why it is so. Or why you react the way you do. I gave him the answer, but also told him that he only resolved it when he himself became aware of the connection.”

Example 2 – The frustrated employee

“I was talking to a new colleague who had arrived at a company. The colleague had a lot of experience in other areas and from other companies. She starts passing on experience for new solutions to improve processes by doing things differently. The employees of the company are not enthusiastic about the new proposals. One, in particular, expresses her dissatisfaction – “What we used to do works very well, so there is no need to change it”. It made for poor well-being for all parties. I talked about emotional intelligence and context. That clarity gave her peace and understanding about how to deal with it in the future. Everything the body, mind and soul are exposed to are signals created for learning about self-awareness. We are each other’s cooperation and well-being. Therefore, practising self-awareness is a good tool. This way, we can better navigate everyday life and strengthen choices and decisions to achieve common goals.”


Can a coaching programme help my company?

Do you recognize words like overview, responsibility, colleagues, collaboration, work environment, stress, goals, value, strategy or action plan? Coaching in emotional intelligence and self-awareness can be of great benefit to everyone in your company. You should book an intro to our coaching programme if, for example, you have doubts about your abilities as a leader or if you are increasingly experiencing a poor working environment or dysfunctional cooperation between your employees or colleagues.

There is no recipe for who you need to be for cognitive coaching and sparring to help your particular situation. Everyone can benefit from our programmes. But we typically help employees, managers and CEOs who struggle to balance family life or work life – or to make both work together. The reasons for this can be many – and we’ll find them together!

What changes can the programme bring about?

Overall, emotional intelligence coaching can contribute to the following changes:

  • Better working environment
  • Better collaboration
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Greater awareness
  • Optimal behaviour
  • Optimal management
  • Common strategy
  • Common mindset

This can have a significant impact on the bottom line, as all these aspects help to create a more conflict-free business!


Why is Dorte Joy Juul the right person to help my business?

Dorte Joy Juul has been mentioned several times. But who is Dorte Joy Juul? Dorte is the heart of Cosmos Evolution:

“With more than 16 years of experience studying the human psyche, Dorte Joy Juul can give you the right understanding and the best tools to change patterns in your life. This can be anything from overcoming stress, anxiety and depression to simply changing your mood and finding surplus in everyday life.”

Why is Dorte Joy Juul the right person to help my business?

A coaching session with Cosmos Evolution can take several different forms. It depends on your or your company’s challenges. Therefore, Dorte Joy Juul from Cosmos Evolution can both act as:

  • Cognitive coach and trainer of new communication skills
  • Collaboration coach
  • Mentor and sparring partner for the manager/CEO

Are you ready to create change in your company?

Do you want to have a good collaborative environment in your company? Do you dream of getting your employees to change their mindset? Do you need to change your mindset as a leader? So that you can realize the common strategy and create growth in everyday life? Or is it the well-being at work that needs a reboot?

Would you like to know more about how a change/behaviour consultant can help you become a better leader? Or how emotional communication can bring back good teamwork and well-being at work? Book an intro with Cosmos Evolution and find out how we can help you bring your business into balance.