Cosmos Evolution helps you create lasting change in your life

Dorte Joy Juul is unique in her approach to emotional, spiritual and cognitive development. The people she coaches not only experience a stronger mindset and a happier life. They also get a lot of aha experiences because she forces them to look inwards. With her motto ‘strength comes from within’, Dorte helps individuals, companies and public institutions to create positive, lasting change that boosts belief in oneself.

We can’t solve problems without knowing why and how they were created

Our inner self is the engine that makes us run. You can probably remember where you have acted without “thinking”. Your brain may be wrong, but your inner self tends to speak very clearly. And you can learn it!

Learn to know yourself and avoid the stumbling blocks you unconsciously create for yourself

Be filled with aha experiences that show you the way to a fuller happier, and more authentic life in balance with yourself and the world around you, turning ‘I can’t’ into ‘Yes, I can!’